Waste Types

Waste Management
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General Waste

This waste is generally a result of house hold or office clean ups. It includes low density, non hazardous materials such as rugs, carpet, small furniture, plastic, waste food and paper.

Construction Waste

This waste is generally a result of major renovations and or construction/demolition clean up. It includes bulky materials such as concrete, brick, roofing material, wood, sod and window replacements.

Green/Yard Waste

This waste is biodegradable waste. This waste includes grass or flower cuttings, hedge or tree trimmings, weeds, leaves, Christmas trees and other yard trimmings.

This waste includes cardboard, wood, scrap metal, asphalt, concrete and brick. Unlike the other waste this waste may not be mixed for reasons that it may be treated as General waste which may result in a higher price.

There are also several restricted or prohibited items that one should not put in the dumpster, find the list of items that are not allowed in the dumpster and customers will be charged extra If they put these items in dumpster.

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